Do your clients ask you for recipes?

Do you like to write recipes and enjoy teaching your clients about cooking or baking?

Have you ever thought about organizing your ideas and recipes into a cookbook?

If you have, but don’t know where to start, or how to navigate the cookbook publishing world, then Cookbook Pub 101 is for you.

Designed for business owners and nutrition professionals, this fast-track, 6-week private coaching program guides participants through the basics of cookbook writing and publishing.

At the end of this program you will be on your best path to cookbook publication.

And you will know exactly what to do next to write your cookbook and get it published.


  • Save time by condensing education into 6 weeks
  • Enjoy a customized tour through the cookbook publishing world
  • Save money by learning about publishers who pay you for your work
  • Take action on the cookbook you've dreamed about
  • Determine your best route to cookbook publication
  • Receive feedback, support, answers, and direction


Week 1: Cookbook Publishing

Traditional publishing vs Self publishing
Assisted self publishing

Week 2: Cookbook Concept

Your Unique Selling Point

Week 3: Cookbook Content

Recipes and recipe writing
Photography, nutrition analysis, design

Week 4: Cookbook Proposals

What is a proposal?
How to write a cookbook proposal?

Week 5: Author Platform

What is a platform and how to how to build one?

Week 6: Agents and Publishers

Resources to find agents and publishers


  • Six 1-hour private coaching calls
  • Six weeks fast-track instruction using homework, checklists, and worksheets
  • Customized Cookbook Publication Journey Roadmap
  • Access to Cookbook Pub 101 Resource Area

I always knew I wanted to develop a cookbook for women with PCOS but always figured it would be too labor intensive, time consuming, and expensive to do. That is until I worked with Maggie Green. Through our coaching sessions, I was able to see that writing a cookbook was very doable and fun! Not only did I come away with all the tools I needed to write a cookbook, but a comprehensive time line, budget, and plan. I'm happy to say I am now the author of  The PCOS Nutrition Center Cookbook: 100 Easy and Delicious Whole Food Recipes to Beat PCOS. Thanks Maggie!

Angela Grassi
The PCOS Nutrition Center

Working with Maggie taught me the ins and outs of cookbook writing in a way that makes a cookbook project seem manageable and something I can accomplish. Maggie has helped me come up with a schedule for my project, encouraged me through the difficulties, and held me accountable to meet my goals. With her vast experience, Maggie has also opened my eyes to new opportunities to help me build my platform and boost my credibility. This has helped me find my audience and become more appealing to agents and publishers. Maggie's expert knowledge of the cookbook writing and publishing is invaluable, but the best part is that Maggie fun to talk to and a joy to work with. Our coaching calls are one of the highlights of my week!

Jordan Hamons
The Hungry Traveler

The knowledge I gained in Maggie's cookbook writing classes, was invaluable. When I was approached by a publisher who asked if I'd be interested in writing a cookbook, they wanted to see a proposal in two weeks. Their idea for the cookbook wasn't an idea I'd considered so I had nothing prepared for a proposal. Because of Maggie's tips and information, I was able to start from scratch and fully develop a proposal within the two week time frame. The published was pleased and awarded me a contract right away.

Currently, I'm working on my second cookbook. Not only did Maggie's coaching help me develop a winning proposal, it helped me write a winning cookbook which led to a subsequent cookbook.

Jackie Garvin
Syrup & Biscuits


At the end of this program you will be on your best path to cookbook publication.

And you will know exactly what to do next to write your cookbook and get it published.

And you will face your fears about finding a concept, writing your cookbook, and finding a publisher.

Get started in Cookbook Pub 101 today.

Cookbook Coach Maggie Green schedules a conversation with all possible participans before you buy your spot in the program. Schedule your application conversation today.

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