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Are you struggling with the same feeling of uncertainty, confusion, and overwhelm? Are you filled with pre-publication cookbook-writing questions? Do you wonder where to start and what steps to take?

I’ve been there, and I too was desperate for answers. I had to figure out the process on my own. I did figure it out and learned on my own what I needed to do. I am proud to say that am now writing my third and fourth cookbook manuscripts. I’ve had two cookbooks published never imagined I’d be sitting here today telling you that I’m a successful cookbook author. I even receive royalty checks and advances when I sign my traditional publishing contracts.

If you dream of writing a cookbook but need help navigating the cookbook writing and publishing landscape, I’m here to help. Cookbooks are different than other works of non-fiction. There are a lot of moving parts in a cookbook: recipes, written content, photography, editing, design, book cover, and printing. And this is all before you start to sell the cookbook.

Teaching aspiring cookbook authors about cookbook projects isn’t work that any book coach can do, but because of my experience with cookbook projects and my desire to demystify cookbook writing and publishing, I decided to become a Cookbook Coach. As a Cookbook Coach offer private and group cookbook coaching programs, just for aspiring cookbook authors.

In my coaching programs, I work with clients both 1:1 and in groups. We work over the phone and in my virtual video-accessed cookbook writing classroom. We can live miles apart and still work together on your cookbook project. I look at your cookbook writing goals and can teach about steps to write a cookbook and how you can best to navigate the cookbook publishing industry to meet your goals. I feel so proud of my work to help and teach motivated aspiring cookbook authors like you who are where I was before I wrote my first cookbook – alone and confused.

If you’d like to learn more about cookbook coaching, I invite you to enroll in a complimentary Cookbook Clarity Assessment phone call  http://greenapron.com/chat. During this phone call, from the privacy of your home or office, you will have the opportunity to share with someone who understands about your cookbook writing dream.  Then, I’d love to share more about my cookbook coaching packages and the details of how I work with aspiring cookbook authors just like you in the pursuit of their cookbook.

Here’s to your cookbook writing dream! Sign up today for your complimentary Cookbook Clarity Assessment phone call  http://greenapron.com/chat.



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